Central Battery System CPS 220/64

Our Major Product Range

The CPS 220/64 series covers various load requirements and housing sizes. Joker Technology, individual lamp- and circuit monitoring are our standards.

The central battery system includes automatic function monitoring and individual luminaire monitoring without additional data-line.


  • Modular design, various enclosure sizes for main-, substations, battery-racks and battery enclosures
  • Up to 128 circuits (64 out of the main system/ 64 out of the substations) with 20 adresses can be supplied
  • Low maintenance and service costs due to central monitoring of stations and all connected luminaires
  • Automated or manually releasing function test facility with logbook for status and failure information
  • Earth failure measurement and test facility
  • Isolation terminals for easy earth failure measurements
  • Sealed lead acid gas recomination OGI-batteries with > 10 year design
  • Galvanically isolated internal- and external bus-system
  • Seperated monitoring- and change-ober devices for maintained-/non-maintained light
  • Patented “Joker-Technology” function for mixed operation for maintained, non-maintained and switched luminares on one line


  • 5,7″ TFT-Touch-Display
  • Intuitive, single button operating
  • Password protected programming
  • Integrated network connection interface (InoWeb)
  • USB-interface to
  • – load/safe the system configuration
  • – load/safe the circuit configuartion (operation mode, monitoring depth, destination texts..)
  • – connect a standard printer (pcl-compatible) or key-board
  • Administration of up to 128 circuits (max. 2460 luminaires – 20 addresses per circuit)/
  • Automatic function monitoring of system including single luminaire- and circuit failures without additional data-line
  • Integrated logbook for central compilation and > 2 year storage of all system related data
  • Circuit-/luminaire function modes free programmable
  • Various languages avaiable


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Central Battery System CPS 220/64

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