Dynamic escape route guidance

This unique safety system was developed especially for fires in which generally secure escape routes are blocked by smoke and fumes. You will be led away from the risk areas, depending on the source of fire.

The interaction between the fire detection system and the D.E.R. system is done via potential-free contacts. Various escape scenarios (samples) are connected to these inputs, which can be retrieved accordingly to the event of danger.

Our development engineers developed this innovative system for airports, railway stations, tunnels, event arenas, shopping centres, in general, for places that are frequented by many people.

D.E.R. systems are already being used in numerous major projects such as airports, hospitals and factory floors.

FB 5000

FB 5000 WE

FL 1530

FL 3100

FL 5103

FL 5105

FL 7188

FL 7288

FL 808

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FS 1100 BE/TE

FS 804.1