The CPS 220 / 48.1 series covers various load requirements and housing sizes. Joker-Technology, individual lamp and circuit monitoring are our standard.

The maintenance-free central battery system includes automatic function monitoring and individual luminaire monitoring without additional data-line.

System functions

  • 24V emergency lighting system with automatic observation of the system and connected luminaires without additional data line. To supply 24V INOTEC LED luminaires.
  • Self-sufficient system with "JOKER technology function": combined operation of non-maintained, maintained and switch-maintained luminaires.
  • Luminaires can be programmed, addressed and dimmed individually via the controller.
  • Integrated logbook for recording all data for a period > 2 years.
  • Controller with 4 x 20 characters plain text display; configurable in various languages.
  • Control, management and failure detection of 20 luminaires per final circuit. 4 final circuits in protection class III (SELV) for up to 20 luminaires.
  • 2 input switches can be assigned to each luminaire.
  • Assignment to programmable dimming values also possible.
  • Status info of system and luminaires in plain text and by LEDs.
  • Remote switch for blocking system. Integrated InoWeb interface (optional).
  • Volt-free signalling contacts for external status display.
  • Luminaire destination over control unit search function or can be chosen manually.
  • Central Battery System CPS 220/48.1

    Network-compatible, graphics based controller

  • 5,7" TFT-Display Komfortable Programmierung über INOTEC Konfigurator Software
  • Integrated network connection interface (INOWeb/INOView)
  • USB-interface to
  • - lAktualisieren der Steuerteilsoftware
  • - load/safe the system configuration
  • - load/safe circuit configuration
  • - Anschluss einer handelsüblichen Tastatur
  • Administration of up to 96 circuits (max. 1920 luminaires- 20 addresses per circuit)
  • Automatic function monitoring of system including single luminaire- and circuit failures without additional data-line
  • Integrated logbook
  • Various languafes avaiable
  • Circuit-/luminaire function modes free programmable
  • Anzeige aller Batterieblockdaten bei Einbau des optionalen INOTEC Battery Control System (BCS)
  • Central Battery System CPS 220/48.1

    Battery Control System (BCS)